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Pure Land is a devotional Buddhism offering an escape from the cycle of rebirth (samsara) and retrogression through faith in a deified Buddha. Mahayanists proposed the existence of infinite worlds, each containing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The most celebrated of these heavens is the western paradise known as Sukhavati, "happy" or "pure" land. This is the dwelling of the Buddha Amitabha (Unlimited Radiance).
  1. Pure Land is a generic term used for the realms of the Buddhas.
  2. The realm of Amitabha Buddha ; western land of Amitabha Buddha is also known as the Land of Ultimate Bliss.
  3. Pure Land practice is suitable for the layman and is a widespread Chinese Buddhist cultivation. It is an "Easy Path of Practice" as contrast to the "Difficult path of Practice"(the Path of the Sages or Self-Power Path).
  4. "Easy Path Practice" in simple term means to rely on own's own cultivation(self-power) and the power of the Buddha Amitabha and Bodhisattvas(other-powers).
  5. In Pure Land Practice, one can in one's lifetime attain rebirth in the western Land of Amitabha Buddha. This is through the practice of Buddha Recitation with sincere faith ie. mind with reverence and awe ( without disrespect and over familiarity) and vows (the determination to be reborn in the Pure Land so as to be in a position to save oneself and others). 
  6. There are four general Buddhist recitation methods ; Real Mark Buddha recitation, Visualisation, Comtemplation of an Image and Oral Recitation. Oral Recitation is simply saying Buddha's name silently or aloud and is the most popular method. Important point is it is done with reverence and an earnest mind.
  7. Why rebirth in Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha? It is the environment there where one no longer is subject to retrogression ( one is assured of Buddhahood) and leaves behind Birth and Death forever (no more samsara) and can cultivate oneself towards the ultimate goal of Buddhahood.
  8. In Pure Land, there are three Sages; Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta (Ta Shih Chih), Kuan Shih Yin Bodhisattva ( Ta Pei Zhou) and Buddha Amitabha (A Mi T'o). Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprpata ( The Great Strength Bodhisattva) is recognised by the jewelled water pitcher on Her crown.
    In this Picture, The Great Strength Bodhisattva (Ta Shih Chih) is standing on Buddha Amitabha's right side. 


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