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Daibutsu (36k) (Great Buddha at Kamakura, Japan 1985) 
History :13th century, Bronze statue :11.3m high, 120 tons.

Daibutsu.jpg (35k)

Senju Kannon (50k) (Kyoto City, Japan 1985) 
History: Mid-13th century, 3.35m high

Nara Daibutsu (122k) (Great Buddha of Nara at Todai-ji) 
History : Mid-8th century, Bronze image :14.98m high. 
One of largest bronze Buddha statue in the world.

Todai-ji (87k)
(Temple at Nara, Japan) 
One of largest wooden temple building in the world. 
Front:57.01m, Depth 50.48m, Height 47.34m.

Senju Kannon (141k) (A Mandala)

Sages in Pure Land (129k)
In Pure Land, there are three Sages;
Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta (Ta Shih Chih),
Kuan Shih Yin Bodhisattva ( Ta Pei Zhou) 
and Buddha Amitabha (A Mi T'o).
Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprpata ( The Great Strength Bodhisattva)
is recognised by the jewelled water pitcher on Her crown.

kuan_im1.jpg 09-Jun-00 (40k)

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pusa.jpg 17-Jun-00 (64k)

yaoshih.jpg 19-Jun-00 (40k)

pusa_1.jpg 03-Jul-00(14k)

pusa_2.jpg 03-Jul-00 (13k)

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